Photos from friends

Some of friends sent photos to K. Ishikawa. The photos are so interensting that he decided to open a new page " Phots from Friends ".

from Roger-san

from Sylvie-san

Tea ceremony members

Tea Ceremony Club

from Kazu-san

from Masatoshi-san

from Manon-san

from Bea-san

from Zorica-san

Ornans from Christine-san

Portrait from Ivajla-san

Views in Prevo (Italy) from Paolo

Portrail from Ivajla Kirova-san

Rouen from Christine-san

My city from Esther-san

Graduation Ceremony from Momotani-san

Betty-san from Ishikawa

Tokyo from Nazneen-san

Portrait from  Ivajla-san

Her Hometown in France from Christine Pinseau-san

Family Trip from Yoko-san

Wedding of  his daughter from Fujimori-san

Exhibition from Ishikawa

Autumn from Elisabeth-san

Paintings from Jeanne-Marie-san

Lacquerware from Jeanne-Marie-san


Amazon from Kiyohiko-san  3

Agapanthuses from Sylvie-san

Rhododendron from Patrice-san

a Painting from Yamamoto-san

Chambord from Sylvie-san

Setonaikai from Yoko-san

Classmates from Takubo-san

Classmates from Yoshimaura-san

Painting from Sumiko-san

Lacquer from Janne-Marie-san

a Trip with his daughter from Fujimori-san

French Castles from Patrice-san

Chat from Michael-san

Sisters from Yoko-san

Tea Ceremony Members from Takai-san

Drinking from Atsushi-san

a Greeting Card from Yamamoto-san

Haruki MURAKAMI's Exhibition at Versailles from Patrice-san

Private time from Youko-san

Making Cookies  from Youko-san

Exhibition from Iriyama-san

6th Thread Exhibition from Kyohei-san

Helsinki from Tejima-san

Old Friends from Kameyama-san

Members of the Tea Ceremony Club from Ishikawa

Hokusai from Patrice-san

a Card from Tejima-san

a Portrait from Yoko-san

A newly painted House from Blandine-san

Members of the Tea Ceremony Club from Ishikawa

a Happy Family from Youko-san

Pompei from Sylvie-san