The next exhibition is  " Thread Art ", which will be held in May, 2018.

Kintaro Ishikawa isn't a photograper, but he decided to introduce his works to you on this page.


The further information is available at the following mail address

Kintaro Ishikawa <

Roses in my garden

Rokaku-Do ( Ibaragi-ken)

Naritasan Shinshoji


Eisho-ji ( Kamakura )

Small Shops

Classic Cars

Toshogu ( Nikko )

Goto Museum


Ueno Park in Autumn

Kaizou-Ji ( Kamakura )

Sumida River

Why don't you have an enjoyable time listening to music ?


Jufuku Kongo Zenji

Art Museum

Why don't you have a relaxed time listening to music ?


Several prestigious university hospitals are located in this area. And also thre are many historical interesting places. This time, you'll enjoy 2 old buildings .


                                                                                                St. Nicolas Cathedral