Honda-san's Photos

Honda-san is a naturalist and works at a medical appliance company. When he has free time, he frequently makes a trip or goes hiking. His main subjects are flowers, insects and attractive views. You’ll enjoy them timely.



Hokkaido (1)

Gourmei is Taiwan

Autumn in Southen Alpus


Nishiomote Island ( Okinawa )

Kunishima ( Okinawa )

Yaejima Island ( 1 )

Flowers on the foot of Mr.  Hodaka

Flowers on the foot of Mr. Fuji

Flowers in Echizen and  Echigo

Flowers at Tsukuba-san

Pretty Flowers

Early Spring

Nature at Yonakuni Island

Sunset and  White Flowers in Nagoya

Mt. Shari

Views in Ishigaki Island